Saturday, October 27, 2007

The 86th good thing about Lagos: A resident's meeting beginning with prayer

It was another very welcome Environmental Saturday. No noise from the road, but with the occasional rumbling of thunder from a passing storm. We should be in the dry season by now -- I'm sure this is concrete evidence of global warming! :o) Isn't everything?

We had received a notice summoning us to a 9 AM meeting of the residents, which was probably a good choice of time, as no one can be on the roads between 7-10. I was a little surprised when the apartment manager asked a resident to say a prayer to open the meeting. This young black woman kind of rolled her eyes and said a very terse prayer thanking God. I think she was either caught off-guard by the request, or considered it inappropriate. During the meeting when the manager was being called to task by residents who are more than ready to have some of the maintenance and upkeep issues addressed, I wondered if he had been expecting the barrage of criticism from the residents and felt that he needed a prayer to face it!

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