Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 79th good thing about Lagos: Open air Home Depot!

There's a roundabout here on Victoria Island that expats refer to as "Home Depot." Lining the roundabout are shacks selling all sorts of hardware and household items. I was visiting another flat and admiring the paint color on a wall and the woman of the house said that she had sent her husband down to "Home Depot" and he went up to someone who had a card showing paint colors. Her husband pointed to a color and in a few minutes the guy came back with a bucket of paint and the color was actually pretty close to what he wanted. Our flat is painted with this white paint that is kind of like old-fashioned whitewash. It just washes right off the wall if you try to clean a spot. After the workers installed our lovely burglar bars, they left the walls a real mess. I asked the housing people at the office to have someone come and spot paint the walls. After a month or two of asking, I finally got someone here to touch up paint. They came with brushes and paint, but no drop cloths to protect anything from the drips. And then, of course, the touch up white didn't quite match the white already on the walls. So now instead of black dirty spots on the wall, I have off-white painted splotches here and there. I think I may have to make a trip down to Home Depot and point out a color!


Lindsay said...

That's funny! I have tried to become accustomed to our local Home Depot so I don't look ridiculous every time I go in. Last time I successfully found a water heater blanket all on my own. It sure would be nice to enjoy some fresh air while walking the aisles though :o) You're lucky... I also enjoyed your last post-- thanks for the insights mom!

Carolee said...

Lindsay: I said it was in the open air, I said nothing about "fresh" air. I wouldn't describe the air in Lagos as fresh -- it always has a very distinctive odor.

Lindsay said...

hmmm...well, maybe you're not so lucky then. :o)