Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 81st good thing about Lagos: Billboards that give advice to improve our lives

There are lots of signs of all kinds around Lagos. Small, large, hand lettered, scrawled on walls -- you name it, there's a sign for it. Here's some daily advice from a couple of billboards.
Smile more and befriend Jesus -- good advice. The sign I REALLY wanted a picture of, I couldn't find, though several people said it was their favorite sign. I think it's possible that it's been replaced. So I'll just have to tell you the secret to success that was on this billboard: "A worm-free family is a happy family." I bet you thought happy families had something to do with praying together or eating meals together or playing together.
But there it is -- the key to happiness in your family life! Get rid of those worms!

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