Sunday, October 14, 2007

The 75th good thing about Lagos: Cute and confident kids at church

Today at church was the annual Primary children's sacrament meeting presentation. This is where the children basically take over the church service and sing songs and give talks. There are only about 20+ children in our Primary --I took this picture of them after the meeting after they went upstairs to their Primary room. But though they are few in number, like most Nigerians, they sing loud and strong. I was pretty amazed at how poised and confident they are when they spoke at the pulpit. The topic this year was on faith and they sang out their songs with energy and excitement. I think every child had a speaking part and even the young ones stood up and spoke their part, with only just a stumble here or there. The older ones bore testimonies or gave longer talks on a subject. All that were speaking would begin with "Good morning, my dear (or alternatively, my most beloved) brothers and sisters." The congregation would then respond with a spoken "Good morning!" The congregation would respond after each child's talk with a hearty "Amen!" The children were so cute and so proud of themselves, and there was plenty for the adults to chuckle about as they delivered their prepared message. As our Primary president said in her closing message: "To the children, I applaud your courage." And our bishop said: "Behold your little ones! Behold the future of the church in Nigeria." The future is bright.

P.S. I was able to upload a couple of short videos -- not the ones I had intended to put on post #73 -- but if you look back a couple of posts, you'll see some brief street video.

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Rachel said...

Isn't Primary great?! What beautiful children.