Monday, October 15, 2007

The 76th good thing about Lagos: An American school with opportunities

I really don't want to find full-time employment here so I am free to travel as opportunities arise. But I applied to be a substitute teacher at the American International School of Lagos. It turns out that they are in need of subs, and the jobs I've taken have been quite enjoyable. I subbed in secondary art -- which was a real breeze. You basically make sure the students are making progress on their current art project and you look over their shoulders and admire their work. Really easy. I subbed for 5th grade, which was a bit more work, but the kids were great. And tomorrow I'll sub in Pre-K, which should be fun and quite a short day. The kids seem to be very happy at the school and there's a great mixture of nationalities in the student body. On the day I took this picture, they had fabric that a class had tie-died hung up to dry on the courtyard railings. The school this year goes up to grade 10 and next year they will add an 11th grade. They are behind schedule (no surprise considering this is Nigeria) constructing their new high school building, so they are bursting at the seams at their present location. Though I don't want to work every day -- I really need time for my social engagements :o) -- substituting at the school is a great addition to the sometimes ho-hum routine of life here and provides me with a little more cash to take, guilt-free, to the market.

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