Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 294th good thing about Lagos: cute school kids at Ife Oluwa

Before I left for Christmas I made a stop at Ife Oluwa, a charity that is supported by the American Women's Club.  They serve the community with a clinic and a school.   I was delivering a baby scale that had been donated by a Girl Scout group in the States.  The nurses in the clinic were thrilled to get the scale, saying that they didn't have one that worked. 

 I stopped in and visited the school and caught the kids at lunchtime.  The school provides a lunch for them every day.

I've been making some repeated visits to this charity recently.  They are having some hard times making ends meet, especially with the clinic.  The school generally can keep up with paying their salaries, but the clinic often gets behind on their salaries, as the clients of the clinic don't always pay their bills and Mama insists they treat those who come to them even if they haven't paid what they owe.  The AWC approved the use of some discretionary funds to help them with the clinic salaries last month, and the doctor who manages the accounts is hopeful that by March they will be up to date.  I'm visiting Ife Oluwa tomorrow with some interested women and we will be asking questions and assessing how we can help this charity meet the needs of those they serve. 

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