Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 289th good thing about Lagos: Celebrating Thanksgiving with other expats

We had a wonderful Lagos Thanksgiving dinner, right on Thanksgiving Day.  Thanksgiving Thursday here is a regular work day, so it's not quite like the holiday in the States.  No football or parades on TV, but it was great to join with other expats and Nancy was kind to invite us to join her guests, which were mostly an ExxonMobil crowd.  They had brought turkeys in from the US, which were wonderfully cooked on the grill.  My contribution was a dessert and some sweet potatoes that I had purchased in Dubai (our only purchases that we took away from Dubai were from the wonderful grocery stores there), as they are not available in Lagos. The meal had all the trimmings and lots of good friends and conversation.



Mormonlady said...

Thanks for writing so many interesting things about Lagos. I learn a lot, and I appreciate it very much. I have also heard a lot of bad things about Lagos, so it is great to hear about the good things there.

My fiance just moved to Festac town so he can attend meetings. He lived far away from chapels now for three years. I hope he get many mormon friends there.

He is a nigerian, and the Swedish Migration Board has denied him visa to Sweden two times because they think he is dating me to get residence and work permit. It is so untrue, because he loves me.

Right now everything seems to be very dark, but I hope my fiance will get permission to come so we can get married in the LDS Temple in Stockholm.

Anonymous said...

Various varieties of sweet potato available in Lagos in large quantities. Have you tried the markets?