Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 288th good thing about Lagos: November times feed the spirit in different ways

In November we returned from our vacation just in time for the first LDS Stake Conference of the new Lagos South Stake.  This new Stake was formed last May, and this was its first conference, which is held biannually.  The Stake Center is at the building in Festac, which can be quite a trip, as the traffic to get there can be difficult.  Also, it's on the mainland, so we have to take special security when we go here.  The building is a regular church-built building, and now that it will be a stake center, the church will add on to make it larger.  They had tents outside for overflow for the weekend conference.
 At the Saturday meeting the choir members had matching scarfs with their white blouses.  And on Sunday, the women had matching blouses and men matching ties.  Quite impressive!
 And there were nice flowers in front of the podium.  I played the organ for the conference -- well, as long as the organ lasted.  It had an electrical failure and they had to bring in a keyboard for me to use after that.  In Nigeria, one must be prepared to improvise.

Conference fed my spiritual side and my spirit was fed another way with a ladies trip to the beach.
 Lisa has been so great to organize regular week-day trips which are a wonderful way to escape the city.  We go on the ExxonMobil boat to the company beach hut.

 The boat ride is so pleasant to get away from the city.  We pass lots of barges where men are diving for sand.  Sometimes they are wearing clothes, sometimes not.

When we are dropped off at the dock, it's a short walk by the village and the school,

 and then we have the day to eat, play games, chat and walk along the beach.

 When we return, we come back revitalized!  Thanks, Lisa, for organizing our beach days!

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