Monday, February 27, 2012

The 291st good thing about Lagos: a church Christmas program

I'm still playing catch-up on my blog posts -- still got a ways to go before I'm in 2012, though.  Just a few days after Thanksgiving last November, we were into Christmas in Lagos.  Most expats leave fairly early in December, so if there is celebrating to do here, there is no time to waste.  Because I am among the early December leave-takers, I haven't been around to do much Christmas celebrating here.  But this past year someone scheduled and organized an ecumenical church Christmas program for the Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving.  I helped her choose music for a choir and we spent some very enjoyable times practicing together.  It's always so fun to sing Christmas music and choir singing is one thing I really have missed while I'm here.  I get back to the States in time to listen to Christmas music programs, but not to sing in them and singing has always been such a big part of my holiday experience.   I don't have any pictures of our little choir (only about 8 voices or so), but we had a nice varied program with narration and a children's  Christmas play in between our music.  The pictures I have are of the Saturday dress rehearsal.  The kids were so cute in costume -- and they were even better in the Sunday performance. 

 Aren't these angels cute?
 The wise men were my favorite, though.  They did some serious gazing through paper telescopes and commenting on the size of that star.
 I've been involved in many of these programs over the years, but I never get tired of them.  There's always some disorganization and lots of cheesiness, but there's a sweetness to the unsophistication of it all and the Christmas spirit descends.

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