Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 287th good thing about Lagos: a trip to see a former home

Our opportunity to travel while we are living in Nigeria gave us another opportunity to visit our former home in Dubai.  We stopped here for a few days on our way back from India.  We also had a stopover here on our way to Egypt several years ago and then were amazed at how much it had changed since we lived there, now 20 years ago.  Even in the past 3 years, Dubai has grown -- it is a city on steroids.  They have finished the tallest building in the world and have pools at its base where each evening there are wonderful displays of fountains sprays' orchestrated to music.

 We went on a desert safari one evening and were relieved to see that there is still some desert left in Dubai.
 After the hair-raising ride on the dunes, we were brought to a camp, where we played dressup, rode on camels, had henna painted on my hand, ate some wonderful food, watched some wild dancing and had a thoroughly wonderful evening.
 bye-bye, Dubai!

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