Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 284th good thing about Lagos: tow truck drivers get a workout

When I was going out this morning, there was a vehicle about to be towed from our complex parking lot. From the pictures, it may be hard to tell which vehicle is being towed and which is doing the towing. The towing vehicle looks like it's about to fall apart, but it was hitching up the newer vehicle to tow it away. Now, tow truck drivers in the States have a quite sedentary life patrolling the highways for accidents or vehicles in trouble. But once they have their customer, it's a pretty easy process to winch up the car to be towed -- it's all done mechanically. But this morning the towing vehicle had a chain on a pulley and, after the guy attached the chain to the car to be towed, he had to physically pull on the chain to winch up the SUV.  It took a lot of chain pulling and huffing and puffing to lift the back of that SUV.

And, I'm no expert, but isn't it going to mess up this SUV to be towed with its rear wheels up in the air?

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