Saturday, October 15, 2011

The 275th good thing about Lagos: Giving laptops to Nigerian scholarship students!

At the end of September, the American Women's Club held the first event of the fall season, the Membership Tea.  The US Consul General's wife was so gracious to hostess the event at their residence, which has a beautiful back yard on the water.
 I had a display table telling new members about Community Services.  Scholarship students stayed by the Scholarship table to tell about the AWC program of offering scholarships to Nigerian students.
 There was food, informational speaking and greeting friends.
 My personal highlight was the gift of a laptop computer to each of our scholarship students.  We had a generous private donation that was designated for education, and the AWC board decided that this would be a good use of the money.  Our students were so excited to have their own laptop, which will help them so much in their studies.

I mentor two students, Samuel and Victoria.  They are wonderful people and good students and I was so happy that they were able to receive this gift!

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lovintheempteenest said...

Such good things you have done in that country. They have been blessed by your presence.