Saturday, October 15, 2011

The 276th good thing about Lagos: Cultural Day at the American International School

I always enjoy getting over to the American International School on their cultural day.  Most of the students and teachers dress up in Nigerian clothes, there are activities and demonstrations teaching Nigerian culture, and they prepare Nigerian food for the students.  It's an exciting day for the students.
The school was decorated for the event.

 There were performers.
 You won't want to miss this riveting action video.  The shells are alive!

They are periwinkles -- they boil the shells and then the bright periwinkle colored animal that is living in the shells comes out, cooked and ready to eat.  I didn't taste it...
 There's always a lot of interesting food displays.

 And the best thing is the shopping -- they limit the prices so the students can get some good deals -- and the parents and other visitors enjoy the great prices too.  I always get baskets here, because there are such great deals.
 I haven't ever bought a palm leaf hat, but they are popular with the students.

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