Saturday, October 15, 2011

The 278th good thing about Lagos: market shopping in Abeokuta

Abeokuta is known for its indigo dye pits and fabric design.  We had a nice walk through the fabric market and fabric dying area.  Lots of fabric was laying on the ground or hung on lines in various stages of the dying process.  Tubs of indigo dye were all over the place and the draining furrows in the ground were stained blue. 

 I loved the painted illustration on this maternity home.

 The market area of town was busy on this holiday.  Of course, we couldn't get away without buying some fabric!

 I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to get a close up of the lady in this next picture, but she has quite a load of plastic ware on top of her head, plus a baby on her back.  I'm always amazed at what they can balance!
 On our drive out of town, we had to stop after we passed our church's building in Abeokuta.  We were kind of envious looking at this building that looked like an oasis in the bustling, ramshackle city.
 We wish our church building was like this one!
 On the drive home, I had to stop and buy another yam pounder.  One really isn't enough!


Melissa F said...

Was that Norm? For some reason I thought he was gone.
When I read your blog I am a little jealous of all the good experiences you have. I love my kiddies, but it will be nice someday to do some more traveling without babies in tow.
I feel like people that are here in Moscow a their first tour don't really know what it means to live in a foreign country. Looking at your pictures reminds me how "normal" it is here. Miss you guys!

Abu said...

Hello ,

Love the blog, I appreciate you showing the world the positive side of our country. I am a foreign raised Nigerian and its awesome seeign things through your eyes.