Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 282nd good thing about Lagos: varieties of flour with instructions

Grocery stores in the United States usually stock a variety of flour -- white, whole wheat, unbleached, cake, self-raising, etc.  In stores here there are the usual white and whole wheat (at times -- we cannot count on any store having in stock what we need -- there are constant supply issues), but also totally different kinds of flour than I would find in the States -- yam flour, rice flour, bean flour, cassava fufu flour.

I thought this bag of flour I bought was interesting with the list of uses.  It "Can be used for the following way:  Baking of Bread, Baking of Cakes, Baking of Meat Pies, Baking of Fish Rolls, Baking of Chin-Chin, and For any hardened of food."  You don't get that comprehensive a list on any bag of American Pillsbury flour!

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