Friday, December 31, 2010

The 245th good thing about Lagos: Thanksgiving dinner with expat friends

This year was the first time we were in Lagos for Thanksgiving --  during previous years we would use this time to meet our college-age son somewhere for a trip.  But this year he was out of school and working, so he lost his company travel benefits.  So we invited some friends over to share the turkey breasts that we had brought into Lagos in our cooler.  Some of the fixings were improvised from our typical holiday fare, but I don't think anyone went home hungry.  Because Thanksgiving is a regular work day in Lagos, we had our celebration on Friday evening so the working folk could relax a bit easier.  It was a challenge to fit everyone in our dining room, but we managed.
There was time for showing off of special talents....
and just enjoying being together with friends.

Some were disappointed that there weren't any football games on after dinner, but others were happy to play a game together.  We're really grateful to share our life in Lagos with good friends!

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