Friday, December 31, 2010

The 242nd good thing about Lagos: sometimes it's helpful to have a security escort vehicle along

When we go to our church's semi-annual Stake Conference in Ikeja, which is on the mainland, we are required to have a security escort with armed policemen.  I always think this is overkill, but when we went to conference in November, it was helpful to have the extra vehicle when our vehicle got a flat tire.  We left the policemen to change the flat and took their car so we were on time for conference.
I had to take a picture of my beautiful friend Sophie and her gorgeous little baby boy.  Doesn't he have the most precious face?

Our expat friends with their 4 cute boys all dressed up in their Nigerian church clothes.

We stayed after conference for the baptism of another expat young friend.

I loved seeing the smiles and visiting with this matching trio of sister missionaries -- one is from Liberia, one from Ghana and one from Nigeria.

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