Friday, December 31, 2010

The 240th good thing about Lagos: Another wonderful R&R adventure!

I know I've used R&R trips away from Lagos before as a good thing on my ongoing list.  But our trips are something that we wouldn't do, at least as frequently, without the subsidy that we get from our "hardship duty" in Lagos.  I enjoy my life in Lagos, but it's always wonderful to get away, especially to somewhere as beautiful as Venice and other places in the Mediterranean.  Here's some of my favorite shots from our trip.

Venice is such a unique and enchanting city.  I went a few days earlier than Brent to visit some art museums at my leisurely pace, then we stayed longer after the cruise to see the sites together.  We had a great time walking around, as well as getting around on the waterbus.

From Venice we sailed on the cruise ship to the interesting city of Split, Croatia, which has charming walking streets and the interesting Diocletian's Palace.

 The Roman's really knew how to do vaulting -- the basement architecture is really great.
The Greek island of Corfu had more great walking streets, beautiful churches, and a neat fortress.

In Athens, we were just about blown off the Acropolis, but we still admired the elegance of the classical architecture.  The New Acropolis museum is really fantastic, too.

 We had a perfect day in Mykonos to enjoy the beauty of whitewashed buildings against the blue sky.

 And from Mykonos, we took a short boat trip to visit the island of Delos, which has more classical ruins.

 The next day our port was Katakolon, where we took a day trip to visit Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics.  Again, it was a perfect day and this site and museum had recently been spiffed up for the Athens Olympics.  It was a very interesting place to visit.

We did a lot of walking, so it's a good thing I got those shoes fixed before I left Lagos!

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