Friday, December 31, 2010

The 243rd good thing about Lagos: My water doesn't always look quite this bad

Occasionally at home in our Lagos flat, we have no water running through the taps, and generally we have no idea why it's not running.  I have been known to take a sponge bath with the bottled water from the cooler that we use for drinking and cooking.  When we recently got a notice that they would be cleaning out the water tank, I was worried that we wouldn't have any water running for a while, so I filled the tub with water to use for cleaning.  When I saw the appearance of the water, I wondered how clean anything would get with this water.  Usually our water looks quite yellow, likely from iron in the pipes, but this was an especially bad water day.  You can see why I stick to showers in Lagos -- I've never taken a bath there.  With a shower it's easier to ignore the color of the water!

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