Friday, December 31, 2010

The 239th good thing about Lagos: travelling shoes repaired quickly and cheaply!

Well, I've been on an extended blog-cation and it's time I do some catch-up.  The holiday rush is over -- I hope yours were as merry as ours -- and I have some time before I go on serious grandma duty, so I'm going to go through my pictures from the past couple of months and find some good things that I've neglected to write about.

In November we were leaving on our R&R trip and flying to Venice for a cruise.  As I was packing on the night before we left, I pulled out my closed-toe shoes, which I never wear in hot Lagos, but just mostly use for travelling.  I realized that when I wore them last, the stitching had pulled through the leather and they needed some repair.  So in the morning, I gave the shoe to my driver and he brought them somewhere to some repair guy on the street and within an hour or so I had my shoe back, stitched up for just over $1.   Now that's not going to happen in the States!

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