Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 148th good thing about Lagos: Choral African music

Another concert in the Muson Festival featured choral music. I love choir singing and any cultural performance here is a treat, because there just aren't a lot of options. The first half was excerpts of the Bach Mass in B minor. It was performed with piano, organ and synthesizer accompanient. Except for the synthesizer, which had really poor sound quality, the performance was just fine. Singers here perform with a lot of power and force, so it was loud and without a lot of finesse, but still enjoyable. I liked even better the second half of the evening which featured African choral music. This is the part where I really wished I was on stage singing with them. It looked like lots of fun. Brent and I both agreed, though, that the two white folk on stage just didn't quite have the motion down like the Nigerians. I wonder if the ability to move like that is genetic?

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