Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 147th good thing about Lagos: Interesting native music

[Wow, the internet's really moving today. I actually got some longer videos uploaded -- maybe more of this concert than you want to see, but they're there if you're interested. I'm excited to know it's possible.]

We recently attended an interesting concert at the Muson Centre of by a group performing music native to Lagos State. There were a number of different "acts".

Amazing drumming:

Music representing the Sea Lords:

Brent was reassured to see that old, fat men can still perform in dance troupes. Nice to know that career possibility is still open to him.

And there was a dance featuring the Eyo Masquerade, which is a social dance from Lagos Island, where the characters have this white draped garment over their body topped with a hat. The program said that the Eyo Masquerade is used for celebrations usually after the demise or during the coronation of a king.

I think it's great to experience this native Nigerian music.

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