Monday, October 06, 2008

The 6th good thing about Northern Nigeria: Bountiful evenings

After our Saturday evening dinner, we left the hotel restaurant and stood outside in awe for around 15 minutes watching the most amazing lightning storm we had ever seen.

It's hard to get good pictures or video of lightning -- but be assured that this was spectacular. And it was not just in one place, but all over the sky, all at once, sometimes with large distinct bolts and also with widespread light-up-the-entire-sky lightning. There was just an occasional low rumble of thunder from off in the distance and the fierce rain didn't come for almost an hour. When I asked about it the next day, I was told that these violent lightning storms were normal at the beginning and the end of the rainy season there -- we were nearing the end of the rainy season.

We also had bountiful evenings with a wonderful Lebanese buffet by the pool one night....

an delicious and enormous feast at a Chinese restaurant in Kano another night (yes, you can find good Chinese food whereever you go) ...

and our final night we had a Middle-Eastern Barbeque by the pool complete with African musicians and dancers. There were many moments on this trip when it crossed my mind: "who'd athought I would end up here?"

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