Friday, October 31, 2008

The 144th good thing about Lagos: an early Thanksgiving dinner

Ok, first, I have confess to being a bit optimistic in my last post about things getting fixed, so I feel I need to give an update. The return to the internet actually proved to be a very brief blip in now over two weeks of dismally slow internet service. Something is still wrong with the main server to internet users in Nigeria and, though there are still many rumors flying, no one seems to really know what the problem is or when it will be fixed -- at least the ones who may know are not publically willing to admit where the problem is. So I'm afraid there's still a delay in my ability to post pictures.

We did, however, make some progress on the plumbing front in our flat and now we seem to have relatively drip-free working plumbing. I know this won't be the end to plumbing issues in our flat -- that will be a constant battle. I will enjoy it while it lasts. But no leaks doesn't mean we always have running water. This morning, for the second time when I was subbing at the school and needed to get out the door early, the water in our bathroom was not running. When this happened recently, there wasn't water running anywhere in the apartment so I took a sponge bath with warm bottled water. In my constant attempt to look at the bright side, I decided to feel very luxurious about it. Not everyone gets to bathe in bottled water, right? This morning there was water running in another bathroom shower, but the hot water heater to that bathroom had been turned off. So, I took a very quick cold-water shower, which woke me up and got me moving out the door sooner. I had a fun day today subbing for a French teacher at the American school. That was interesting, especially since I know only a few words in French. But it was a great opportunity to learn something new.

My grandson, Owen, also had a bit of a setback in his recovery from tonsil removal surgery. He was back in the ER the other day, but was able to go home after getting some IV fluids and new pain medication. Hopefully his recovery will progress more smoothly now and he'll be in better shape than Nigerian plumbing in no time.

Canadians have already celebrated Thanksgiving this year, but we were invited to an early American Thanksgiving dinner the other night. Our neighbors Josie and Roy were leaving town early for the holidays and they had a turkey they wanted to cook, bequeathed from Julia, our teacher friend who left Lagos before the summer, who had access to purchase it from the commissary. We had all the trimmings -- Josie made a pecan pie using pecans I had brought from Houston and I made a pumpkin pie, also with pumpkin brought from the States. I haven't seen either in the stores here. Cranberry sauce was another thing that had been brought here in luggage, and Josie actually was able to find ingredients for green bean casserole. We had it all and it was delicious!

Josie also found small pumpkins in the store here and had an after-dinner craft activity for the children there to paint and decorate them. I wish I could post the cute picture of them with their creations, but it just isn't going to happen today.

Yes, it's Halloween today -- I wish you a happy one with lots of goodies! But we're already ahead of you with our Thanksgiving dinner behind us. Last weekend I was shopping at the mall and they already had the Christmas tree up. Who said Lagos was behind the times?

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Lindsay, Steve and Spencer: said...

Hahaa! That's pretty funny about your luxurious bottled water sponge bath. I'm sorry you guys have to go through such hassles with all of that. Your early Thanksgiving dinner sounded awesome though! I'm glad you could have a fun evening with some good food.