Sunday, October 12, 2008

The 17th good thing about Northern Nigeria: Pictures of life on the street

Here's a few random pictures to give you a view of the streets:

Busy streets of Kano.

This guy has a heavy load to pull.

I took this picture out of the back window of the bus. See the girl with the tray of eggs on her head? They were enjoying looking at us looking at them.

Nigerians are really good at balancing things on their heads, even while riding a motorbike.

Children walking with big loads.

Sitting in the shade on an afternoon during Ramadan.

Home Depot

Some relatively clean streets (even the animals stay to the side of the road)

And some very dirty streets -- Kano needs garbage service!

But the goats are happy.

A clean country road with a biker carrying a pot on his head.

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