Thursday, October 09, 2008

The 13th good thing about Northern Nigeria: Beautiful children at the weavers' village

I really love capturing pictures of the children. They are so beautiful! Believe it or not, I have a lot of pictures that I'm not posting here! Again in this village, where these people have such limited contact with us white folks, we were a real curiosity and the children gathered. Most loved to have us take their picture. They were peeking out from doorways.

First just two people in this doorway...

Then a third face peers out.

While we were walking the path to get to the grove of weavers, the children ran down the rows of millet to keep up with us.

Some children made faces for the camera.

And others posed solemnly.

Usually the girls were the ones carrying the babies,

even little tiny girls,

but sometimes the boys were taking a turn.

The one sad reality is that most of these children don't have any options for formal education. Many will most likely grow up illiterate.
It seems when children gather around white people near the city, they come close with the expectation or hope, if not pleas, for a handout. Here there was none of that, the children just seemed genuinely curious to watch us. I felt the same way about them.

We had a crowd waving us farewell.

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