Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 328th good thing about Lagos: Children's Museum Day

Last May on the day I was leaving Lagos for the summer it was Children's Museum Day at the National Museum.  I had been there for this celebration before and I really wanted to come because the kids are so cute, many of them dressed up or costumed for the occasion.  So I made sure I had my bags packed and ready to go so I could stop over for some of the program. 
When I got to the museum, the program was already in progress and prominently in front of the performance area was this car.  I knew there was a "big man" there....
The license plate on the Rolls told me who it was -- the Ooni of Ife.  I knew that later in the day at the Museum they would be opening an exhibition of the Art of the Ife.  It is a great exhibition that had travelled to museums around the world, including the British Museum and I had seen it at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.  So the King -- called the Ooni -- was there, I'm sure, because of the exhibition opening.  He certainly gets to ride in style.  
Don't know which of these guys is the Ooni, but there were lots of "big men" there.

There were lots of dancing performances from different Nigerian cultural groups.

These dancers with all the coral in their dress are from Benin City.

I got some pictures of cute kids in costume waiting in line for the toilet.

Nigerian children are all so beautiful!

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