Monday, October 22, 2012

The 326th good thing about Lagos: Getting to know the Sister missionaries

I have to post a picture of these beautiful women we've enjoyed getting acquainted with.  In our Mormon church congregation we've had assigned to our area 4 young women to do their missionary service.  The sisters (as they are called) change out periodically, but we like getting to know them and have them over for dinner now and then.  The sister missionaries always have come from West Africa, most from other parts of Nigeria, but also from Sierra Leone, Benin and Liberia.  The sister on the right in this picture is Sister Dean, and she has been my favorite (though maybe I shouldn't so publicly state favorites, but I don't think any of them will ever see this blog...).  She's from Sierra Leone and she has a really fun personality.  She's comfortable enough with us to make jokes about our cooking.  I was sad when she got transferred to another area.
The result of having beautiful young women like this doing missionary work in our area is a plethora of young single men joining the church.   I hope they're joining for the right reasons.....

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