Saturday, October 13, 2012

The 321st good thing about Lagos: organizations that help girls in trouble

During my time in Nigeria, I have been blessed to associate with a great group of Christian ladies.  We meet for Bible study each week.  This last spring our group leaders organized an opportunity to put our Christian values into action.  We had previously done some support and fund-raising for Genesis House, a shelter and rehabilitation home for young girls who had been involved in the sex trade.  Their stated mission is to "re-orientate, rehabilitate, educate and empower displaced women and enable them to fulfill their potential."  It is a really good thing that places like this exist.  We had earlier watched a video that had been produced about Genesis House, and it left us all in tears as we saw the depths that these girls had come from and the way their countenances changed when they were able to live in a place where they had some hope for a better future. 

We decided that our efforts this year would be to do some remodeling and painting of a room that was going to be used as a study room for the girls.  My husband's employer was downsizing their offices about this time, so I was able to get some donations of office furniture and shelves and assorted storage furniture for the facility in general.  I hope it has come in handy for them.  On this day, we traveled to Genesis House to do some painting.
This sign was taped up in their entryway.  A good reminder!
 Here's a "before" picture. 
We said hello to the girls, who were in a classroom next to the room we were painting.  I didn't take pictures of them to preserve their privacy.
 We moved the wall shelf and table leaning against the wall,
 and got to work cleaning and scraping the walls.
 We painted the room a bright green.

 I always enjoy painting a room because it's such a quick and dramatic transformation of the space.
We had a bunch of other ideas and plans for furnishings and decorations.  I'm not sure what was done later in the spring, as I left town shortly after this work day.  I'd like to return for a visit to see how the room looks now.  I hope as the girls in Genesis House spend time in the room, they are able to feel our love, concern and hopes for a better life for them.

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