Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 251st good thing about Lagos: They take poop seriously

I'm on the last week of my holiday vacation, finishing up some things in Houston before returning to Lagos.  I've had a great time with children and grandchildren -- especially while I was in Boston helping to welcome a new granddaughter into the world.  Welcome to the family, Natalie Grace!  Here she is smiling at 2 weeks old!  She's a sweet beauty.

So I've been around a new baby granddaughter as well as grandchildren recently toilet trained, in the process of toilet training and those in diapers, so there is a fair amount of talk of poop, inspection of diapers for poop and questions about the need for pooping.  Poop is the word we usually use in the States when talking about "Number Two."  In the US, it's not nice to use a word beginning with sh--, but in Nigeria that is the common word for excrement.  It's not a swear word and if one were to refer to sh-- as poop, many people would not know what you were talking about. 

Though I'm in the business of looking for the good things in Lagos, I have complained previously about the sorry state of plumbing in Nigeria.  But many Nigerians don't have the luxury of any kind of plumbing, and there is business for those providing outhouse services.  Lagos has one company who is very proud of their business in this service industry and they have a company slogan to prove it.

They are serious about this slogan on their tank truck -- really -- they are not trying to be funny with this. 
But I laugh like crazy every time I think about it.
Thanks to my friend Kelsey -- I stole these pictures off her blog!

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Claire said...

That is hilarious! My college-age brother will love it. This is Lindsey's friend Claire. My mom and I read your blog and we love it.