Saturday, January 01, 2011

The 247th good thing about Lagos: We had a great time stuffing gift bags for charity staff

I'm still acting chair over the Community Service committee for the American Women's Club and, again this year we faced the challenge of wondering if we could continue our tradition of providing a gift bag to the staff of the charities we support.  This gift of basic goods is a small thank you to them for the work that they do all through the year.  Again this year, the students at the American International School helped us fundraise so we could get what we needed for these gifts.  We had a tight time schedule for these gifts between the fund raiser and when we needed to have the gifts ready to deliver the first week of December, but the experience of working this project for several years now served me well and things went together quite smoothly.
The big advantage this year was being able to use the vacant apartment a floor above mine.  This allowed for convenient set up of the work space, without the hassle of trying to live around the accumulation of materials.  It was ideal for our needs.  We had an enthusiastic crew and everything went together quickly.

We divided up the bulk goods (beans, rice, and garri) into zip lock bags.
 Other volunteers filled airline toiletry bags with other donated toiletries.
 We organized an assembly line for stuffing the bags.

 The nuns from one of our charities, who happened to be there, helped put tags on the gift bags.
 We stuffed 100 gift bags!

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