Saturday, January 01, 2011

The 248th good thing about Lagos: Being a small part of a generous donation

When I approached my husband's employer about using the vacant apartment above us for our charity gift bag project, the company facilities guy asked me about the American Women's Club and the charities we supported.  I sent him some information about our charities and he said that ConocoPhillips Nigeria had a large storeroom of items that they needed to find a place for and they would like to donate things to some worthy charities.  They asked if we could help them.  I was quick to reply that we would be happy to link them up with some deserving charities.  There ensued a whirlwind of activity in a week that was already very busy with the gift bag project and with getting ready to leave town.  The final donation of items happened after I had already left for the States, but I was able to participate in the really fun experience of going through a couple of large storerooms with some charity representatives who were able to pick out appliances, kitchen equipment and other goods that they would find very useful.  The company was very generous and helpful and it was exciting for us to help these charities get some things they needed.
The ConocoPhillips guy we worked with for this donation asked me if I would write up a news release telling of their donation.  Here's what I came up with for the generally wordy Nigerian press:

At the holiday season, the thoughts of many are turned toward gift giving and how to bring a smile to the face of others.  The smiles this year will be on the faces of many needy in Lagos who are served by a variety of charities, and on the faces of those who work throughout the year to help lift the burdens of the needy through those charities.    Santa doesn't always take the form of a jolly red-suited, round-bellied elf with a hat and a ho-ho-ho.  This year, Santa appeared as an oil company with a storeroom full of furniture, appliances and household goods left over from downsizing as expatriate employees left Nigeria.  ConocoPhillips, Nigeria wanted to find a place for their surplus inventory and looked to the American Women's Club in Lagos to help them match up the charities they serve with items from the ConocoPhillips storeroom that they could use.  Representatives from various charities made their wish lists and some visited the storeroom to choose from the items available.  The charities benefitting from this donation  include primary schools, those serving the mentally and physically handicapped, a charity that rescues and provides a home and education for street boys, a state-run center where homeless and destitute are brought from the streets, and a community center that trains women for employment.  Items donated include cookers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, tables, chairs, shelves, a generator, electronic equipment, pots and other kitchen equipment, upholstered furniture and more.   This generous donation will greatly benefit those who work at these charities and also the citizens of Nigeria that they serve.  Smiles are now on the faces of those at the charities who look forward to benefitting from the use of needed goods, on the faces of American Women's Club members who helped facilitate the donation, and on the faces of ConocoPhillips employees who reduced their storage inventory while seeing that inventory go to a place where it can be used and appreciated.  Generous giving brings smiles and happy hearts to both the giver and the receiver!  Thank you, ConocoPhillips for your generous donation!

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Great story - worthy of print. Let us know if it gets printed in a Nigerian paper.