Sunday, February 25, 2007

The 39th good thing about Lagos: Nice young men piano students who gave good talks in church today.

Favorite moments at church today:

The opening song with all the congregation singing in full voice: "Faith of our fathers, holy faith. We will be true to thee till death."

Both of my piano students spoke in church today. Samuel (the one on left in the picture below) shared a beautiful and heartfelt testimony of what the gospel has meant in his life. I was especially touched by his talk.

Having a chance to talk to and meet more women in the ward. One young adult woman, Victoria, recently returned from serving a mission in Washington, D.C. She loved it there and considered it a wonderful opportunity to serve in the temple visiting center, as well as proselyte there. She's from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, but is here going to law school.

I was again too slow with the camera. After church I watched as a mother flagged down a motorcycle taxi (okada) and arrange her 3 young children in front of and behind the okada driver and then hike up her colorful African dress and climb on the back with her arms around all 4 of the other people piled on the motorcycle.

The Relief Society president speaking during announcements at the beginning of our women's meeting saying: "Sisters, I must speak about the toilet facilities in our building. They are NOT OF GOOD REPORT! They are not fitting for Latter-Day Saints! We have learned about good hygiene, and it is not good for our health to use facilities such as these. We must take responsibility to clean up after ourselves and our children. If the water is not running, we must get a bucket of water to flush the toilet...." And so on. Amen to that!

After our meetings I gave a piano lesson to my young students. It was somewhat challenging because the power was out -- so we went through some theory lessons and they played some pieces on the keyboard without being able to hear anything. But they were good sports about it -- and I could watch their mistakes and check their timing without having to hear the sound. But I do hope in the future we'll be able to actually hear their music. That's a little more rewarding for them!

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