Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The 36th good thing about Lagos: Sometimes those escort cars with the police lights really come in handy!

We had an experience when we came in to Lagos this time that I kept forgetting to write about. When we had the escort car to the conference this weekend, it reminded me of driving with the escort car (this is a van carrying the security policemen with the machine guns -- the van has lights like a police car, though I don't think it's officially a police vehicle) coming in from the airport. Though it was late on a Saturday night, there was a major road that was closed due to construction. The road we were trying to go on was heavy with traffic at a standstill in the direction we were trying to go. The road was divided by a median, with two lanes in each direction. Our driver just waved the escort van, which had been behind us, on ahead and we moved to the lanes that were going the other direction. The escort vehicle turned on its police lights and so the traffic heading straight at us was forced to move to a single lane. We just moved on ahead on the wrong side of the road without the long delay we would have had if we had stayed in our proper lanes. Brent hates it when he sees other cars of "important" people doing this, but he didn't complain when we were the ones escaping the traffic back-up. I don't recommend trying this in the States, however!

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