Friday, February 16, 2007

The 33rd good thing about Lagos: Water aerobics in the morning with friends.

My friends from church invited me to join their water aerobics class which meets several mornings a week at 8 AM at their building. Since Brent was in Paris and not using the car (it will be possible when he’s home, just a little more complicated), I decided I’d take advantage of the opportunity to try the class out. So I went yesterday and this morning. At their building they have a nice pool with a pleasant view of a quieter side of the island than we see from our apartment. I got a picture over their wall of this man fishing in the bay (or whatever you call that body of water…) It's still a little hazy in the morning -- we're at the end of the time of year with what they call the "harmattan." These are seasonal winds from the north that blow sands from the Sahara. I was told that we'll need some rain to bring down the dust that's up in the air before the haze will go. Anyway, about the aerobics class, I pay the instructor 700 naira (about $5) for the hour class. And we have fun visiting before, during and after – so it’s a good way to start the day, and a nice change from my daily workout in our exercise room.
When I got home today still damp and ready to shower, I got a call from the building maintenance to warn me that they were going to work on the generator and the power was out, so I wouldn’t have power for an hour or so. (By the way – the local power company is called NEPA – people here say it means Never Expect Power Again!) I resigned myself to not being able to blow-dry my hair, but the power held out until I was done with the blow-drying, although I didn’t get a chance to use the curling iron. When I got back from a trip to the vegetable market, the power was on again, but there was no water running in the taps. My maid, Angela, was anxious to finish the load of laundry she had started earlier in the morning and was filling a bucket with bottled water to put in the washing machine! I told her to not worry about it – I could finish the laundry whenever the water came back on. I’ll wash and cook my vegetables in bottled water, but I’m not yet to the point where I’ll use it to do the laundry! We got running water a couple of hours later, but by then the internet connection was down, so I had to wait to post to my blog….

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Lindsay said...

Water aerobics sounds like fun! Do you ever drive yourself, or do you have a driver that always takes you where you need to go? I would love to go swimming while pregnant-- I'll bet it would feel good.