Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The 29th good thing about Lagos: Interesting little afternoon walks

About the only place I can walk is to the little shopping mall that's a couple of blocks away. I walk outside our protected gate --
and I'm met by the okada guys -- motorcycle taxi drivers who are always waiting to serve workers from the office next door.

Along the way I pass two different guys who have xerox machines. I asked the price -- it's just 10 naira -- around 7-8 cents a page. Not bad!

There are plenty of people selling food, both prepared food, snacks, gum and mints, and this fruit stand. I took this woman's picture and she remembered me the next time I walked this route and said: "There's my friend! How are you today?"

There's always people carrying interesting things on their head. This guy had a load of eggs. I have to get faster with the camera. Yesterday I saw a guy with a tall load of something that looked like burnt bagels. I don't think that's really what he had -- I never figured out what it was. I saw a guy with a very tall stack of folded fabric -- maybe it was clothes. The other day I saw a man walking down the street with an old-fashioned sewing machine on his head.

The view across the street of my destination is a typical Victoria Island street -- except here I managed to capture it when it wasn't choked with traffic -- a rare event!

But my destination is not at all typical Lagos. It is new, clean and modern. Inside is a cinema with at least 4 screens, showing mostly new American movies, a very nice book store, some clothing shops and electronic shops and a few restaurants. I walk over to see the sights along the way and check to see what movies are playing and just to get out of the apartment!
By the way, along the way, I spared you pictures of the piles of garbage and the two men I saw urinating on the street! Maybe another time...

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