Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 300th good thing about Lagos: Valentine's Dinner with friends at the GQ

Wow!  I've reached 300 good things!   It's hard to believe we've been in Lagos over 5 years now -- for Brent it's almost 6!  We're still enjoying our life here (mostly) and still have no idea how much longer we'll be here.  Living in limbo seems to be our fate.

Valentine's Day is pretty big here in Lagos.  In the morning I was outside Lagos in the country to visit a charity.  The road was under construction and we missed our turn, so we stopped to ask for directions from some teachers who were with their students in an open classroom that was just beside the road.  They were all dressed up special in red -- students and teachers -- and looked to be getting ready for a party.  After giving us directions, they called out "Happy Val Day!"  They were so cute -- I wish I had taken a picture of them.

We're kind of old married folk and a romantic Valentine's dinner for two doesn't sound as much fun to us as joining with friends to have some good conversation around the table. The American Guest Quarters, known as the "GQ," or "American Club" had a special Valentine's Day menu which was delicious. We had a very nice evening after we made our way through some very bad traffic to get there. It seemed like all of Lagos was on the road going out for "Val Day." I remember getting our picture taken that evening, but it seems it wasn't with our camera. But I have pictures of nice friends with whom we shared the evening.

It was a very nice "Val Day."  Hope you had the same!

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