Thursday, March 01, 2012

The 296th good thing about Lagos: Holiday trips home

Well, it's not totally fair to say that a great thing about Lagos is leaving it to go home. Lagos certainly feels like home to me now and I enjoy my time here. But still we miss our family and treasure our times together, so our trips back to the States are especially wonderful.
We did something different for Christmas this year -- usually we stay at our home outside Houston. But this year our son and daughter-in-law invited us to come with their family to Disney World. They had rented a house near the park with room for all of us. Our daughter and her family were off in Colorado at her inlaws, and we missed seeing them this holiday season, but our son, Jordan, was on break from his law school studies and he came along as well.

We had a wonderful holiday vacation! It was fun to see the excitement of our grandkids as they visited Disney World for the first time.

We enjoyed going on rides with the kids,
and also enjoyed it when it was our turn to have fun with Mason while others went on the rides.

The kids enjoyed bonding with Uncle Jordan, and he enjoyed being with them too!
 Last time we were at Disney World, our kids were teenagers and past the stage of being interested in posing with Disney characters.  It was fun to see our grandkids so excited to meet them and get their autograph.

 The girls LOVED the princesses and Belle was especially nice to the girls.
 These princesses are so perfect for their job!
 The grownups also posed for pictures, though I regret not getting good pictures of our older son and daughter-in-law.  Lots of photos of their children, though!

The grandkids enjoyed spotting African animals in the Disney version of an African safari.  Maybe sometime they can go on a real one.  See the crocodile?

The kids enjoyed swimming in the rental home's pool when we weren't enjoying the magic of Disney,

and the grownups took turns having a day without the kids at Universal Studios, where we joined the throngs in line in Harry Potter World.

Of course, we managed to have Christmas in there too, using a potted plant for our unconventional Christmas tree.
 We had a memorable Christmas Day at Hollywood Studios, where (after urging from my husband and son) I auditioned and was chosen to be on stage for the Disney American Idol competition.
 I sang a holiday favorite, (don't know what the "DA" is for....)
 but didn't get into the finals (I was relieved about that!) 
It was fun, but I'm a little past the American Idol age.
 The kids got their faces painted for Christmas Day.
 and we were dazzled by the lights at night.

After attending some of the evening action at the parks, it was good to have plenty of adults on hand to help get the tired kids home to bed!

But always at the end of the day, on the tram heading for the car, it was a "thumbs up" for a great day!

It's late to wish my blog readers a Merry Christmas, but even though it's now the first day of March, I'll wish you all a Happy 2012!

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