Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 202nd good thing about Lagos: Students pledging allegiance to the world

I've been doing a fair amount of substitute teaching at the American International School this year. I've enjoyed it -- the students there are really great and I like having something different to do. I've done a range of subjects -- high school History and English, kindergarten and, this week, middle school English and History. My students this week are reading Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and it's fun to see how much they're enjoying it as we read it out loud.

When I was recently subbing in kindergarten (which takes a different level of energy -- but while 8th graders tolerate me -- kindergarteners LOVE me! And that feels nice), I had the opportunity to observe the elementary students weekly Monday morning assembly.

Although the school has "American" in its name, it has a high percentage of students from all over the world, so saying a pledge to the flag of the United States would not be appropriate. I really liked the pledge these students made to a flag with a symbol of our earth home:

  • I pledge allegiance to the world, To care for earth and sea and air,
  • To cherish every living thing, With peace and justice everywhere.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone all over the world could make a pledge like that and keep it?

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Martha said...

That's precious! I love your blog by the way; its very uplifting. I teach elementary school in the states, and my son married a Nigerian is currently working in Abuja, so your blog is a very good read and makes we wonder about coming down there and subbing for the American school in Abuja someday!