Saturday, November 07, 2009

The 200th good thing about Lagos: Another good time at the beach

I'm catching up on posting October activities -- and it's taken me to 200 good things in Lagos, and there's even more posts when I count other good things outside Lagos. We've stayed here longer than I had imagined when we first got here and we still don't know how long it will last, but I'm still enjoying the experience!

We always jump at the opportunity for a day at the beach -- a chance to get away from the noise and hurry of the city and relax in a beautiful setting that seems farther away from Lagos than it is. Friends from church (thanks, Cox's!) invited us to the ExxonMobil beach house. There were two boats full of people...
and quite a procession departing from the boats.

We had a fun time eating and relaxing under the cabana...

playing in the sand and some ventured into the water...

and then time for shopping with the vendors -- buying tablecloths spread out to view on the sand.

Thanks for a great day!

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