Friday, September 26, 2008

The 138th good thing about Lagos: A good school on Ishahayi Beach

After we left Ikaare (see my previous post), we took the boat across the water (our boat travel this day was on the lagoon, not the ocean) to have lunch at the ExxonMobil beach house on Ishahayi Beach. From the dock there it is a short walk through a small village to the beach house, which faces the Atlantic ocean beach.

We stopped by the Ishahayi Beach Primary School, which was the first school built with the assistance of the foundation that built the Junior school dedicated at Ikaare this day.

We were greeted by Lady Salami (great name!) the founder of the school, who obviously watches over her school with great care. We peeked our heads into the classrooms and saw children who were working hard at their lessons.

This school was dedicated in June 2006, and it still looked in pretty good condition.

We admired a new mural painted on the side of the building, funded with donations.

This student was leading the class in reading the two-letter English words printed on the chalkboard. She made a couple of mistakes, which were quickly corrected by the teacher watching the lesson.

We had a lovely and relaxing lunch in the cabana beside the beach house. It's so peaceful out of the traffic and noise of the city.

Another boat ride (a little over 1/2 hour) and we were back in the traffic and bustle of Lagos. We were really grateful that it didn't rain at all this day. It was a very memorable outing!

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