Monday, September 22, 2008

The 133rd good thing about Lagos: Nigerian toll booths

Can you see the writing on the building in this photo? It says "Revenue Point." Several places along the road, there was some guy standing by the road with a rope pulled across the road, held up on a stick. He would ease the rope for some cars to let them pass (maybe they had an EZ tag), but the rope would stay raised for our bus, blocking our way. We did pay a fee at the first one, but our police escorts talked to this guy and we were allowed through without further payments. I don't know if they are official or not, but I could make a guess about it.


Beauty said...

Awesome photo, the discarded sign on the side of the shack said Marriage Registry Have a safe journey. Where was this was taken?

Carolee said...

It's along a beach road going along the Lekki peninsula, just a short ways past the village of Orimedu.

Beauty said...

Thanks for the surreal picture and knowing it is in Lagos makes it more so.