Friday, September 12, 2008

The 128th good thing about Lagos: It's not in Hurricane Ike's path!

I'm going to begin as we used to start a new school year with a report on my summer vacation -- with the current added plus of being able to do some "grandma bragging."

After a good 3 months away from Lagos, I returned 2 days ago. I had a great summer beginning with getting to know a new granddaughter, Maggie, who grew from this....


............... this
over the summer. She is a real cutie and a very good baby. We had fun bringing her to an Astros game, where she met her grandfather for the first time and enjoyed by her visiting Uncle Jordan, and was watched and admired by all of us more than the baseball game (even though the Astros won big).

I also had a great time with her big sister and brother:

Elise, who is a 3-year old bundle of energy and Owen, who is as sweet as a 1 1/2 old boy can be.
It was also nice to spend some time with their parents, our son and daughter-in-law, who are also wonderful people. They will end up in Houston with an oil company job at the end of next summer when our son finishes his PhD. Hooray!
I also had time with my daughter and her very cute little boy, Spencer, who lives in Boston. They came to Houston for a week and also were able to come to the family reunion at the end of the summer in Utah. We missed her husband who was working hard and unable to come.

We had a fun time at the reunion at my parent's home in Utah Valley, as well as up in Park City. The picture is of some of "the cousins," my parent's teenage grandchildren.

It was great also to spend time there with our youngest son, a BYU student. We even made it to a BYU football game (where they trounced the opposing team)!

When I left Houston on Tuesday, Hurricane Ike was heading in to the Gulf of Mexico and they were forecasting that it would head for South Texas. I felt okay about leaving our home. Right after I arrived in Lagos, they were predicting that it would head straight for Houston, and it was a monster storm! Our home is well out of the storm surge, so I don't worry about flooding. But I do worry about one of our big trees falling on the roof, or windows being broken and contents of the freezer thawing in lengthy power outages. So, right now, I'm praying that Ike's winds will fizzle. I'm certain I'm not the only one praying that the storm will ease -- and I do also care about the people in the path of the storm -- but I REALLY don't want to have to head back to Houston to deal with hurricane clean-up. But I beat the hurricane evacuation rush and I bet I evacuated further away than most people in the path of the storm!

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