Monday, December 03, 2007

The 97th good thing about Lagos: Cute children at church

Yesterday at church I took some pictures and a short video of children singing for a friend who recently moved away and requested it for a church youth conference. The children at church here are really quite amazing. They sing with such enthusiasm, they sit quietly in Sacrament meeting even without all the distraction devices that American children seem to need. They bear their testimonies with eloquent words.

I stopped in the nursery and got some pictures of snack time. The young women in my home ward gathered some toys for the nursery, which will be so appreciated. There were four children sitting on a thin mattress covered with a sheet eating crackers for their snack. Before my home ward's donation of toys, there were only two toys in the room for the children.

This little girl in the nursery really wanted to have her picture taken.

This smiling girl's name is Precious -- and the name is very fitting for her. She's my favorite child to watch at church. She always has a huge smile, she stands to bear her testimony each month and she sings hymns at the top of her voice. She said the closing prayer after the children's sacrament meeting presentation and spoke an incredibly thoughtful and profound prayer. I haven't ever been able to connect her with her parents, because she usually chooses to sit in the front row of chairs in the chapel and she listens to the speakers with rapt attention.

The kids seem to really enjoy having their picture taken. Sorry, the video is too long to upload here -- maybe I can add it when I get back to a faster connection in the US.

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Rachel said...

Such gorgeous children!