Sunday, November 25, 2007

The 96th good thing about Lagos: Returning home from a trip on the Sunday after Thanksgiving without running into holiday traffic

We got back tonight from a great trip to Madeira -- I'll post a link to pictures later. We had a very different seafood Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant with a view on the neighboring island of Porto Santo -- certainly a Thanksgiving to remember. I hope all you readers had a great Thanksgiving as well. We had a night in Paris on our return and enjoyed walking around the city even though it was quite cold. It was a very chilly morning in Paris, but we returned to heat in Lagos. The harmattan seems to have started -- winds from the north that blow sands from the Sahara. It's not too dusty, but it produced a pretty sunset on our drive home from the airport. Our luggage was among the first off the belt, we had a drive home with no big traffic slows (certainly not the case if we were driving home on Sunday evening in the States), and we arrived home to find everything intact -- except the water pressure. Our neighbor said the water pump has been working only sporadically since Friday. I'm hoping it will work before long and I'll be able to get going on the laundry. The power has gone off a couple of times since our return less than 2 hours ago -- I haven't forgotten how to stop in place and wait the 10 seconds or so for the generator to kick in -- but it's been great to have 10 days away without the power going out once! It was a great trip, but good to return home and have it feel like home.

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