Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The 94th good thing about Lagos: LDS helping hands: a continent-wide church effort to serve communities

We missed an opportunity a couple of weekends ago to participate in a service project the ward was undertaking. I just got a link to a church news article that told me more about the effort. I guess this Saturday morning activity was a continent-wide effort to improve our communities. It says that around 100,000 LDS members in the African continent worked on that day in service projects in their areas. Our ward helped to clean up a local orphanage. I heard that it was a successful project. I didn't understand when they announced it why they would choose to have it on an Environmental Saturday when travel times were restricted. But now I understand that someone outside the local area had chosen this date for the activity and didn't really know about local laws. We couldn't go because we would have had to be at this orphanage, quite a distance away, before 7 AM to be off the roads before they were closed to travel from 7-10 AM. We couldn't get our driver here early enough to do this -- and we also had a resident's meeting at our apartment building we were supposed to attend. So those are my excuses for not being one of the 100,000. Here's a link if you'd like to see some pictures -- there are some photos of other projects in Lagos, but none from our ward's orphanage project.

I'm glad Africa has a lot of LDS helping hands!

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