Thursday, August 23, 2007

The 64th good thing about Lagos: A renewed appreciation for nature and the freedom of a bike ride

After returning to Houston from Lagos, I get out on the bike trail near our house as soon as possible. The trail goes through a forested reservoir area with a pretty wooden bridge over the bayou. On my first ride this past week I was thrilled to see a large flock of egrets and herons and other large water birds. There was even a roseate spoonbill, which I haven't seen along this trail before. There were hundreds of them -- I was really wishing I had a camera! My next ride I took my camera, but the big flock had moved on and there was the more typical number of wading birds. My first trip down the trail, this area in the picture was partially underwater, looking much like the roads in Lagos after a rain. Just a couple of days later, the waters had receded, but the birds that remained were having fun wading in the pools beside the path. It's always a great feeling after being in Lagos with its necessary restrictions on outdoor walking, to have the freedom of a bike ride through this beautiful wooded place. Besides a great variety of birds, I always see rabbits and sometimes turtles. On my last ride, I decided not to stop to take a picture of the snake crossing the trail as he raised his head to greet me.

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