Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The 61st good thing about Lagos: Being a person with keys

There's a time when a person moves overseas which I've experienced before when you've sold the car and the house and you are a totally key-less person. It's kind of disquieting and freeing at the same time. Because we still own a house and a truck in Houston, we never really went through that with this move. But after moving into our new apartment, we are entering the key-holder phase like never before. With the exception of the bathroom doors (which have a turn-latch lock), every room entry door and closet door has a keyed lock, with 3 keys provided. Even the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room has a keyed lock. I counted 26 separate keyed locks. This was convenient when we were moving over here in stages, we could put items we moved over in closets and lock the doors and bring the keys with us, so we didn't have to worry as much when workers were here and we weren't around to supervise. Now mostly we carry around our entrance key (we only use one of the keys for the front door -- the other one is a lock that doesn't really function correctly because there's no hole for the bolt to go into the door frame), and I carry the keys to a couple of closets where we keep valuables. We should probably carry the key to the back door (bottom picture), which also has a security gate with a lock on it because it's a glass door. But that would be two more keys. We have security gates over all the windows to the balconies that are sliding doors. If those gates were really to function properly, we would put locks on those as well, but that means 10 more keys (or combinations to remember if we use that type of lock -- even more difficult). I don't know if we're ready for that level of security!

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