Sunday, August 12, 2007

The 60th good thing about Nigeria: A temple here for the Latter-Day Saints

The LDS temple in Nigeria was dedicated in 2005. We won't be able to travel there while we're here because it's located in Aba, which is down in the delta area where it really isn't safe for us to travel. It's the part of Nigeria where there's a lot of kidnappings of foreigners. But it is a blessing for the Nigerians to have a place to go to receive temple blessings. My dad just sent me a link to some pictures and the experiences of some Saints from Cameroon when they made a trip to the temple in Nigeria. Their trip was pretty incredible. I thought I'd post the link here for those of you who hadn't already seen it. We face traffic when we attend the temple in Houston, but there's no competition for who has the more difficult journey!

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