Monday, November 05, 2012

The 333rd good thing about Lagos: Nigerian Cultural Day at the American International School

I always enjoy going over to the American School when they are having their annual Nigerian Cultural Day.  Each year they choose a specific part of Nigeria to feature with cultural displays and this year it was Lagos' turn.  So they had a demonstration of the Eyo, which is the traditional Lagos masquerade.  When an Eyo festival is held, it is to commemorate the life of a prominent Lagosian who has passed away.  The Eyo are symbolic spirits who go through the streets of Lagos to cleanse the city of all wickedness.  They carry sticks to ward away evil and evil doers.  It was fun to see these characters again with their leaping and spinning.  Attending the Eyo festival will always be a lasting memory from my experience living here.  Luckily I don't have any lasting bruises from the swat I got, even though I had removed my shows and I wasn't doing anything inappropriate that would signify disrespect.  But I'm kind of glad I took a swat, because it makes the memory and the story-telling more interesting!


These Eyo did some charging at the crowd and some waving of sticks, but, of course, they didn't do any swatting of the school children.  They were on their best behavior.

Besides the Eyo demonstration and the music, there were food displays. some shopping with great prices,
and I always enjoy seeing all the school children and teachers dressed up Nigerian.  I love the vibrant colors and patterns of Nigerian dress and the richness of Nigerian culture.

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